Curated Learning: October 18, 2016

Today I have read quite a mishmash of things.

Here is what caught my interest.

I am currently working on my Primary Junior Math AQ, so this 3-minute video by Jo Boaler caught my eye. It is a great overview of the answer to the question, “What is Number Sense?”


Then I was directed to the work of Sean Michael Morris on Slideshare.




We know that the default use of the LMS is poor pedagogy.  How much time are we spending in Ontario to critically look at what online learning could be?  Many of our northern students are forced to take eLearning credits in high school because there are not enough students in their high schools to fund a f2f teacher for courses with low demand (like 4U courses needed for university entrance).  Who is checking to see if we are using strategies for online teaching that ensure our students are excited about learning, remaining curious, being creative and sharing with a world audience?

Most Ontario students enjoy the geographic privilege of living close enough to a high school where they can take the classes they need for their chosen pathways f2f with a teacher.  Are we ensuring that those who are more remote also have access to high quality learning options?


And finally, an article from Cult of Pedagogy that reminds me of the work of Pak Tee Ng – working as a master chef instead of stuffing kids full of ‘food’ – so that we entice them to want more.

How to approach teaching like a master chef:


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